Welcome to Rathfarnham Castle

The original castle at Rathfarnham dates back to the Elizabethan period and was built for Archbishop Adam Loftus, an ambitious Yorkshire clergyman who later became Lord Chancellor of Ireland. In the late eighteenth century, the house was remodelled on a splendid scale employing some of the finest architects of the day including Sir William Chambers and James ‘Athenian’ Stuart. The collection includes family portraits by Angelica Kauffman (1741-1807), Sir Peter Lely (1618-1680), and Hugh Douglas Hamilton (1740-1808). Rathfarnham Castle is managed and operated by the Office of Public Works.

During the works taking place, many exciting archaeological artefacts have been discovered! Read the full government press release here, and watch the video here. Rathfarnham Castle reopened to the public on the 16th of October 2015, and you can see photographs from the launch here.

Open Daily

Rathfarnham Castle is open seven days a week from May to September, and from Wednesday to Sunday during winter. Tickets for tours of the Castle interior can be purchased at reception. Click here for more information.

Please download the Code of Conduct for Dog Owners at this link

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What’s On

May 6 @ 9:30 am – May 30 @ 4:45 pm
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Rathfarnham Castle
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Rathfarnham Castle
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Rathfarnham Castle